The Farming Den strategically brings SFXDX development talent onboard

When it comes to onboarding expertise for this project, we only select the most talented and unique group that shows passion and excellent familiarity/knowledge for their work.

Today, we are happy to officially announce our strategic partnership with SFXDX, a known software development company operating in the market since 2014, to bring the project’s development to success.

We hope that this partnership will be valuable and effective and will bring a more stable platform and undeniable project developments.


SFXDX joined The Farming Den at the beginning of the month. SFXDX is most notably known for working on the Fantom Blockchain and IOST. SFXDX brings years of experience in developing many other blockchain projects’ web, mobile, and desktop applications which they helped promote into the mainstream.

SFXDX started as a small team of experienced developers and eventually turned into a fully-fledged company, which now employs more than 80 software developers. They aim to promote businesses by building bridges between clients and suppliers and bring all cryptocurrencies’ features into traditional financial services, providing compliant, reliable, seamless integration to enrich your customers’ experience.

Known for effectively developing applications for start-up/pre-existing blockchain projects, SFXDX has been a gem to their past handled projects: from fixing scalability issues to overcoming blockchain platforms’ limitations.

Why did we choose SFXDX?

The Farming Den believes that:

  1. Establishing a partnership with SFXDX will benefit and improve our emerging technologies.
  2. Bringing a world-class software development company will determine the project name’s efficiency and attract more investors and supporters.
  3. With years of experience developing platforms for decentralized blockchain network/platforms developments, we believe that SFXDX can bring The Farming Den’s developments to a whole new level.

The Farming Den’s project lead, Justin, is looking forward to working with SFXDX,

“We’re really excited about partnering with SFXDX to help our projects experience a seamless and successful development process. The team does not doubt that SFXDX will bring a great amount of contribution to The Farming Den.”

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The farming den is a decentralized exchange built and running on Binance Smart Chain enabling a yield and burn mechanism within its ecosystem by utilizing NFT’s

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The Farming Den

The Farming Den

The farming den is a decentralized exchange built and running on Binance Smart Chain enabling a yield and burn mechanism within its ecosystem by utilizing NFT’s

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